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a passionate developer

working at both big and start-up tech companies for years. Some of them are:


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Side Projects

Lex Fridman Podcast Search

  • Easily search for any topics of Lex Fridman Podcasts


  • A notebook for quick algorithms and data structures revision and take notes.

VSCode Extension for Memes

  • Enjoy programming memes right inside your VSCode editor.

url-filter Library

  • No more complex code to filter data by url query params

youtube chapters finder

  • A tiny package to get Chapters from any Youtube video

goodreads quotes

  • 3k most popular quotes from goodreads.com in one place

Command Line Premier-League

  • For all football fans, you can get the latest Premier League table with this CLI

Blockchain Visualizer

  • Confused about how blockchain works? This app will help you understand it better