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About Me

professional overview

a passionate developer working at big Tech Companies for years, developing applications that support hundreds of thousands customers around the world.

Javascript, Typescript, React, NodeJS, Solidity, Hardhat, Java, SpringBoot, MySQL, MongoDB are technologies I'm working with at the moment.

Strong English proficiency

7.5 IELTS certificate and have worked in professional environment. Therefore, I'm pretty confident with my interpersonal, teamwork skills, and can do much more than just coding.

javascript react Solidity Hardhat java spring mysql mongo

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7.5 IELTS Certificate

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Side Projects

VSCode Extension for Memes

  •  VS Code API
  •  Webpack
  •  Svelte
  •   Typescript

NFTs Marketplace

  •   Ethereum Network
  •  Solidity
  •  Hardhat
  •  ERC 721 Openzeppelin

Ultimate Calendar

  •  Java Spring Boot
  •  Spring Security
  •  MySQL
  •   Typescript - React

Pro Messenger

  •  Java Spring Boot
  •   Spring Web Socket
  •  MySQL
  •   Typescript - React

url-filter Library

  •   Typescript
  •  React
  •  NPM CLI

Command Line Premier-League

  •  npx the-premier-league
  •  Node.js
  •  NPM CLI

Blockchain Visualizer

  •   Next.js
  •   TypeScript
  •  CryptoJs

Where's My Money

  •   React Hooks
  •  Node.js
  •  MongoDB
  •  JWT & Google OAuth

Lux-Cruise Booking

  •   Next.js, NextAuth.js
  •  Redux
  •  MongoDB
  •  Stripe Payment