Bui Nam Software Developer


About Me

a passionate developer

working at big / start-up tech companies for years, developing applications that support hundreds of thousands customers around the world.

Typescript, React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Java, SpringBoot, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB are technologies I'm working with at the moment.

react javascript java spring mongo mysql


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Side Projects

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Side Projects


  • A notebook for quick algorithms and data structures revision.

url-filter Library

  • No more complex code to filter data by url query params

VSCode Extension for Memes

  • Enjoy programming memes right inside your VSCode editor.

Readingmore .dev

  • Explore books by describing to AI what you want to read

Light Chat-GPT

  • Ask any questions and get instant answers from AI Assistant.

Command Line Premier-League

  • For all football fans, you can get the latest Premier League table with this CLI

Blockchain Visualizer

  • Confused about how blockchain works? This app will help you understand it better